Our Defining Difference

MonarqRC is a senior living foodservice software provider that is designed to enrich resident lives by aiding in the delivery of enjoyable and safe mealtimes. Our software's focus revolves around the critical importance of food in senior living and long term care. Our functionality not only addresses resident health and wellness through the delivery of nourishing-nutritionally adequate meals, but we understand that for many residents mealtime may be the largest remaining choice they have in their daily activities.

At MonarqRC, we recognize that mealtime is an event that is highly anticipated and impacts the overall wellbeing of a resident through nourishment, socialization, interaction and atmosphere. Our foodservice software is your partner to increase consistency, productivity, safety and satisfaction delivering a high quality, personalized and flexible dining experience to your residents. Contact us today to find out more about our adaptable products and how our foodservice software solutions can elevate your dining operations.