Resident Dining Solution Enterprise

For corporations that operate multiple facilities, maintaining a standard of consistency throughout the entire healthcare system is crucial. Effective data management is an essential part of this process that can be realized with automation. With our latest product, RDS Enterprise, you can centralize all your data management at one location and therefore eliminate the need to replicate changes at every single site.

RDS Enterprise makes it possible to administer system-wide changes to your data from your designated corporate "parent" site. Subsequently, the data is synchronized directly to the RDS and/or RDS Elite systems at each of the other "child" sites. Not only does this centralized process decrease instances of error, but it streamlines your workflow and creates productivity across all communities.

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Enhanced features include:

Centralize Data

  • Item Selection and Purchasing Options
  • Recipe Ingredients and Preparation Instructions
  • Menu Development and Maintenance
  • Cost Analysis
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Diet Orders
  • Administration Tables
  • Job Roles
  • User Access

Efficiency Goes Up. Labor Costs Go Down.

Multi-Site Recipe & Menu Planning

  • Centrally build and maintain items, recipes and menus at your Enterprise site
  • Powerful synchronization process automatically transfers information from the central Enterprise site to each of the facility sites
  • Unique facility grouping functionality helps to manage a cluster of facilities and send out regional menus
  • Job role feature enables a corporate entity to control the system privileges by granting or limiting the level of accessibility for each facility site
  • Enhanced user management capabilities to centrally add or deactivate users for all sites