Choose the Features to Support your Community

As the senior living and long term care industry progressively evolves and the requirements of your community become more multi-faceted, the need will arise for advanced menu planning and production tools that can adequately manage your foodservice operation and provide a more advanced degree of automation.

With Menu Extend you will access functionality to efficiently plan cycle menus by auto-creating therapeutic and modified diet menus based on the regular menu and the substitutions defined at the recipe level. This add-on module streamlines and simplifies the process of menu creation, which is great for communities that frequently change menus or are looking to reduce labor hours associated with the creation of their seasonal cycle menus. 

  • Identify appropriate substitution recipes for your modified and therapeutic diets
  • Create cycle menus efficiently by building the base menu and utilizing the powerful Menu Extend to automatically create the remaining menus associated with the cycle
  • Reduce burden and overhead associated with cycle menu creation and increase the frequency of how often cycle menus are updated
  • Take the guess work out of what recipes are appropriate for which diets for your dietary staff
  • Spend less time menu planning behind a computer and more time interacting with residents

For assistance determining the features appropriate for your community, please call our team at (855) 836-4717