10/10/18 - Technology's Role in Today's Dining Environment

Technology is increasingly playing a larger role in today’s senior living dining environment. Technology has long been adopted by other departments, and has more recently become an essential tool in managing dining operations. Foodservice software is no longer a nice to have but rather a must have to remain competitive, flexible and up to date on the latest resident dining expectations.


11/28/17 - Scaling Recipes: Consistency is Key

Chef's Knife

Have you ever received a complaint from a resident regarding food taste and quality? Is there an association to the day it was prepared or the individual preparing it?

"I really enjoyed the Chicken Pot Pie the last time it was served. It doesn't taste the same this time."


05/30/17 - Software Designed to Fit Your Service Model

Senior Dining

MonarqRC understands that all senior living facilities are unique and operate differently. In food service alone, there are numerous approaches to menu development, menu offerings and choices, obtaining resident selections, delivering meals, production practices, kitchen design ... and the list goes on. In addition, resident populations often vary within facilities and many facilities have a focus on multiple levels of care. 


04/26/17 - Dreading the Transition? We Make It Easy.

Foodservice Production Software Training

Does the thought of implementing food service technology at your facility or transitioning to a new software application intimidate you?


03/20/17 - Resident Safety: A Critical Component in Foodservice Automation

When it comes to resident management and foodservice automation, resident safety is of the utmost concern. There are several variables that require tracking and management to ensure residents are served nutritious, safe and appropriate foods. It is critical that residents are served foods appropriate for their diet order - which often means following restrictions or texture modifications.


02/20/17 - Redefine the Resident Dining Experience ... Introducing RDS Elite

RDS Elite

For those of you familiar with Resident Dining Solution (RDS), you know that our automation software was created with the industry's needs in mind. It provides resident, recipe, menu and production functionality. Best of all, it is web-based and requires no new hardware to run.


02/09/17 - Increasing Labor Efficiency Through Foodservice Technology

Senior Living Foodservice Production Reports

Long gone are the days of manually creating and maintaining tray cards and tallying counts by hand. As technology in senior living foodservice becomes more prevalent, an increasing number of facilities are ditching their labor intensive old ways for a more efficient alternative. Web-based, user friendly software makes learning and maintaining an electronic system an easy reality for many foodservice operators. 


01/26/17 - Employee Mobility with RDS

Personalized Dining Experience in Senior Living

Has your senior living facility adopted resident management and food service automation technology?