05/30/17 - Software Designed to Fit Your Service Model

Senior Dining

MonarqRC understands that all senior living facilities are unique and operate differently. In food service alone, there are numerous approaches to menu development, menu offerings and choices, obtaining resident selections, delivering meals, production practices, kitchen design ... and the list goes on. In addition, resident populations often vary within facilities and many facilities have a focus on multiple levels of care. 

In order to meet the unique needs of the senior living industry, our products are adaptable and can be implemented and utilized within a facility in a number of ways. Resident Dining Solution (RDS) and RDS Elite accommodates the following service models:

  • Non-Select Menu - Easily build and maintain a menu with one option. Assign residents to the menu and generate tray tickets and production reports based on exact tallies/counts.
  • Select Menu - Create a menu consisting of multiple options for the entrée, side, dessert, etc. allowing the facility to offer choices to the resident. Utilize forecasting functionality to predict production tallies/counts for each offering. 
  • Always Available Menu - Build a list of alternate/always available items (meal period specific) that are always on hand and easily access the list while obtaining selections allowing the tray ticket to accurately reflect the selection.
  • Selections Obtained in Advance (Printed Menus or Tablet) - Obtain selections in advance of mealtime by circling selections on printed menus or having staff record selections on a tablet. RDS and RDS Elite accommodates multiple approaches allowing the facility to obtain selections for the upcoming meal(s) during the previous meal period, in the morning, or a day/week in advance. Based on how far in advance the selections are obtained, users can utilize actual counts or forecasting for production tallies/counts, recipe scaling, pull/thaw sheets and purchasing requirements.
  • Selections Obtained at Mealtime (Printed Menus or Tablet) - Move towards restaurant style dining by obtaining selections closer to mealtime. Staff can take orders by circling selections on printed menus or utilizing a tablet. By assigning the resident to the correct menu, only diet appropriate choices will be available for offering and selection. 
  • Table Side or In Room Selections - Utilize printed menus or tablets to obtain selections in the dining room or in the residents' rooms. 
  • Varying Resident Populations - Assign residents that are unable to make their own selections to the house menu/main offering and automatically generate their tray tickets without staff intervention. For those residents that are able to make selections, utilize printed menus or tablets to obtain selections.
  • Varying Levels of Care - Create menus for multiple levels of care (skilled, assisted, independent, etc.) within the facility and assign residents to the correct level of care menu type.

Learn more about our features and functionality by visiting the RDS and RDS Elite product pages.

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