Features that Streamline Resident Dining and Foodservice Operations

Putting residents first.

With RDS it’s easy to electronically maintain vital food and nutrition information including tray cards, tray tickets, nourishments, allergies, preferences, menu selections, guest trays, adaptive equipment and so much more. Special features allow for holiday overrides and last-minute menu changes. And flexibility in managing menu selections makes it a lot simpler to get the right meal to the right person at the right time.

Increasing resident satisfaction. 

RDS automates the tray card and tray ticket process by enhancing the management of individualized dietary and nutrition needs. With flexible dining and integration capabilities, obtain menu selections via tablets in advance or tableside for a restaurant style approach. With resident details visible on the same device and through smart icons on the selection screen, avoid offering foods to residents that are known dislikes. Most importantly, increase resident-staff interaction and food-focused conversations with a resident-centric offering.

Improving resident safety.

Easily view and maintain current resident diet information such as restrictions, modifications and fluid consistency. The RDS foodservice software is designed with built-in features for allergy conflicts ensuring residents are not offered and served food items that are allergens.  Additional features ensure critical information is verified, not overlooked  and highlighted appropriately on tray cards, meal tickets and comprehensive reports.  

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Comprehensive Recipe and Menu Planning Software Solutions for Long Term Care

Electronic Resident Details

  • Diet orders
  • Allergies
  • Meal preferences
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Feeding assistance
  • Dining and seating assignments
  • Resident images
  • Nourishments and supplements

Recipes & Menu Planning

  • Build and scale recipes
  • Create custom menus
  • Arrange holiday and special event overrides
  • Respond to resident feedback and preferences
  • Automate cycle menu creation with Menu Extend

Menu Selections

  • Tableside or in room menu selections
  • Access from a tablet and wirelessly transmit orders to kitchen ticket printers with Order Ticket
  • Increase resident-staff interaction
  • Obtain selections on your own schedule - in advance or restaurant style
  • Smart icons communicate resident preferences


  • Automate last minute menu changes
  • Resolve allergy conflicts
  • Generate production tallies 
  • Track serving and holding temperatures 
RDS Tray Card and RDS Tray Ticket Software for Long Term Care

Items & Purchasing Options

  • Manage items, ingredients and inventory groups
  • Link to vendor product codes
  • Prioritize purchasing options
  • Manage package sizes and products
  • Compare case, unit and comparison costs
  • Generate purchasing needs for menu and census

Nutrient Analysis & Costing

  • Recipe and menu nutrient analysis
  • 100+ macro and micro nutrients
  • Detailed breakdown of ingredient costs
  • Recipe costs and menu costs by diet
  • Cost reporting with meal and daily averages

Powerful Reporting

  • Tray cards and tray tickets
  • Meal selection forms
  • Nourishment labels
  • Resident census data
  • Menu calendar and spreadsheets
  • Purchasing Requirements
  • Production guides and many more!
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Reducing Food Costs.

Eliminate overproduction by scaling recipes to production quantities based on actual resident selections or forecasting. With RDS reduce food waste by eliminating overproduction and preventing disliked food items from being served. Additional foodservice software features help manage ingredient costs providing critical recipe and menu costing information such as Price per Resident Day (PRD).  Quickly generate menu purchasing requirements to calculate the amount of each item to order based upon menu needs, resident selections and forecasting. 

Increasing Labor Efficiency.

The RDS suite of foodservice software solutions reduces the amount of time spent managing and sorting hand written tray cards, tray tickets and nourishment labels as well as the time spent tallying menu selections and manually scaling recipes and their ingredients to accurate quantities. Comprehensive features streamline communication between the individual obtaining resident selections and back-of-the-house foodservice operations while production reports such as pull/thaw sheets, menu scaled recipes and purchasing lists streamline operations.

Engaging Staff with Technology.

RDS automates repetitive manual tasks enabling employees to have more time to work on meaningful projects such as interacting and caring for residents. Spend less time behind a computer and more time on resident facing responsibilites to deliver a personal and high quality hospitality experience. Technology increases staff flexibility and mobility leading to heightened staff morale and engagement. By training staff on new foodservice software it demonstrates an investment in employee development and longevity. 




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