Train New Personnel

Making the best use of RDS or RDS Elite entails training. Having this resource is valuable when hiring new staff so that your facility can continue to use our system on a daily basis. For that reason, we offer exclusive one-on-one training sessions that can be customized to meet the particular needs of your facility.

Our sessions include, but are not limited to, the following comprehensive range of topics
geared to develop your software skills:

Setup User & Resident Data

  • Configure administration section and add additional users
  • Add resident’s dietary information to the system


  • Resolve allergy conflicts
  • Create nourishment snack labels
  • Print tray cards and tray tickets


  • Build and create menus
  • Produce meal forecasting and costing


  • Generate production guides and other vital reports
  • Report on resident and meal nutritionals

To find out more about our training, please call (855) 836-4717.

Ready for the training montage?